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Run your favorite HPC applications on record-setting Arm-based HPC kit at a two-day hackathon for HPC developers! Fujitsu A64FX, AWS Graviton 2, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Ampere A1 instances with Ampere Altra CPUs will be provided. Commercially supported and open source compilers, libraries, and tools will be available with experts from Arm, NVIDIA, and the community on-hand to answer any questions. Use any of the provided example applications to learn about today’s Arm-based CPUs or bring your favorite application and work with Arm’s HPC experts on porting and tuning.

This event is generously supported by AWS, OCI, Stony Brook University, and The GW4 Alliance. Thanks!

Presentations and Slides

Watch all the videos on the A-HUG Hackathon YouTube channel

Video Resources Presenters
SPECFEM3D Guided Tour Slides (PDF), Instructions Fabrice Dupros, John Linford (Arm)
Supercomputer Fugaku Slides (PDF) Mitsuhisa Sato (RIKEN)
GROMACS Guided Tour Slides (PDF), Instructions Austin Cherian (AWS)
Spack and ReFrame Slides (PDF) Olly Perks (Arm)
OpenFOAM Guided Tour Slides (PDF), Instructions Olly Perks (Arm)
Stony Brook’s Ookami System Slides (PDF) Eva Siegmann (Stony Brook)
Oracle Cloud, Arm, and HPC Slides (PDF) Kevin Jorissen (OCI)
CloverLeaf3D Guided Tour Slides (PDF), Instructions Srinath Vadlamani (Arm)
NWChem Guided Tour Slides (PDF), Instructions Jeff Hammond (NVIDIA)
Math Libraries for Arm Slides (PDF) Chris Goodyer (Arm)
HPCG Guided Tour Slides (PDF), Instructions Lucas Pettey (Arm)
Arm Forge Slides (PDF), Resources (PDF) Beau Paisley, Andrew Westergren (Arm)

Schedule and Logistics


The event will kick off on 11 November at 8:00am JST, 8:00AM BST, and 8:00AM CST with cluster login instructions and an overview of the assorted Arm HPC systems available at this event. Our schedule includes a mix of talks, guided tours of HPC applications, and free time to hack.