International Workshop on Arm-based HPC: Practice & Experience

An HPCAsia 2022 Workshop

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International Workshop on Arm-based HPC: Practice and Experience (IWAHPCE-2023)

to be held in conjunction with The International Conference on High Performance Computing in Asia-Pacific Region (HPC Asia 2023), Singapore, Feb 27 - March 2, 2023

Workshop Overview

This workshop aims to provide the opportunity to share the practice and experience of high-performance computing systems using the Arm architecture and their performance and applications.The last few years have seen an explosion of 64-bit Arm-based processors targeted toward server and infrastructure workloads, often specializing in a specific domain such as HPC, cloud, and machine learning. Fujitsu’s A64FX and Marvell’s ThunderX2 have been used in several large-scale HPC systems, and Amazon’s Graviton2 has been adopted by Amazon EC2. Moreover, Amazon’s Graviton3, NVIDIA Grace CPU Superchip, and SiPearl’s Rhea system-on-chip are recently announced or become accessible.Sharing the practice and experiences using these Arm-based processors will contribute to advancing high-performance computing technology for newly designed systems using these new emerging Arm-based processors.

This workshop is a proceedings-based workshop that is closely related to the series of workshops organized at ISC, SC and the Arm Research Summit by groups like the Arm HPC User Group (AHUG).

In this workshop, we invite papers on the practice and experience of the Arm-based high-performance computing systems, if available, optimization and performance analysis of high-performance workloads for this new generation of Arm-based processors. We welcome performance optimization studies either through access to real hardware or via simulation/emulation frameworks.

Workshop Program

Feb 27th

08:30-08:35 : Opening remarks by Miwako Tsuji and Mitsuhisa Sato

08:35-09:08 : Keynote talk “Experiences from 4 years of running a production Arm-based supercomputer” by Simon McIntosh-Smith [Slide]

09:08-09:38 : “Performance Study on CPU based Machine Learning with PyTorch” by Smeet Chheda, Anthony Curtis, Eva Siegmann and Barbara Chapman [Slide]

09:38-10:08 : “Application Experiences on a GPU-Accelerated Arm-based HPC Testbed” by Wael Elwasif, William Godoy, Nick Hagerty, J. Austin Harris, Oscar Hernandez, Joo Balint, Kent Paul, Damien Lebrun-Grandie, Elijah MacCarthy, Veronica Melesse Vergara, Bronson Messer, Ross Miller, Sarp Oral, Sergei Bastrakov, Michael Bussmann, Alexander Debus, Klaus Steiniger, Jan Stephan, Rene Widera, Spencer Bryngelson, Henry Le Berre, Anand Radhakrishnan, Jeffrey Young, Sunita Chandrasekaran, Florina Ciorba, Osman Simsek, Kate Clark, Filippo Spiga, Jeff Hammond, Stone John, David Hardy, Sebastian Keller, Jean-Guillaume Piccinali and Christian Trott [Slide]

10:08-10:30 : “Optimization of NumPy Transcendental Functions for Arm SVE” by Fuyuka Yamada, Kentaro Kawakami, Kouji Kurihara, Kazuhito Matsuda and Tsuguchika Tabaru [Slide]

10:30-11:00 : BREAK

11:00-11:22 : “Wilson matrix kernel for lattice QCD on A64FX architecture” by Issaku Kanamori, Keigo Nitadori and Hideo Matsufuru [Slide]

11:22-11:44 : “Evaluating DAOS Storage on ARM64 Clients” by Michael Hennecke, Motohiko Matsuda and Masahiro Nakao [Slide]

11:44-12:06 : “OpenACC Execution Models for Manycore Processor with ARM” by Mitsuhisa Sato and Miwako Tsuji [Slide]

12:06-12:28 : “Are we ready for broader adoption of ARM in the HPC community: Performance and Energy Efficiency Analysis of Benchmarks and Applications Executed on High-End ARM Systems” by Nikolay A. Simakov, Robert L. Deleon, Joseph P. White, Matthew D. Jones, Thomas R. Furlani, Eva Siegmann and Robert J. Harrison

12:28-12:30 ▸ Closing Remarks


In particular, this workshop will focus on the following topics of interest:

Paper Submissions

All papers must be original and not simultaneously submitted to another journal or conference. The following paper categories are welcome:

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All submissions will be peer-reviewed by the PC members. Papers will be accepted to presentations in a workshop. The review process is double-blind.

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Submissions via EasyChair IWAHPCE-2023.

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